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The amount of waste we produce annually is astonishing. According to The World Counts, we create 2.12 billion tons of waste yearly. Thankfully, residential curbside programs are available to help eliminate or relocate our trash. Many of these businesses also offer recycling programs. Curbside pickup provides a wealth of benefits.

More People Recycle

Heading to a recycling center with bags of cans, bottles, and plastic jugs is tedious and inconvenient. Recycling rates were drastically lower than today due to people wanting to or needing more time to head to a recycling center. Thanks to curbside pickup recycling programs, more people have started recycling.

Better Air Quality

You must find another way to eliminate trash when you don’t have curbside pickup. It’s common for people to burn trash, which hurts the air quality. Burning toxic chemicals can cause various symptoms, such as coughing and allergy symptoms. This can also hurt the atmosphere. Residential curbside pickup offers a beautiful alternative.

More Convenient

Nothing can beat the convenience of a residential curbside pickup program. All clients must do is sit their trash at the curb once weekly. Taking out the garbage is as easy as throwing the bag in the trash can. On the other hand, when you don’t have curbside pickup, you have to figure out what to do with your trash. Different methods can be unsafe, tedious, and costly.

Less Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping remains a constant concern. Pieces of furniture litter alleys, while hazardous chemicals contaminate local waterways. Animals who drink the water may become sick and die. Fish are contaminated, and plants struggle to survive without healthy water. Residential curbside pickup programs make it easy for people to get rid of the trash so they aren’t tempted to dump items elsewhere.

Easily Accessible

Businesses offering recycling and trash pickup programs are accessible to most people. This makes them ideal for anyone who needs help heading to local drop-off sites or recycling centers. Most businesses charge an affordable rate to remove trash and recyclables, making this an excellent option for everyone.

Curbside pickup benefits everyone. Individuals enjoy the convenience while communities and ecosystems enjoy the other benefits. We offer both trash and recycling pickup programs. Contact Tiget Sanitation today to learn about our rates.